The 2022 Forum, themed Transitioning from fossil fuels, will focus on the vital role hydrogen will play in creating a new, sustainable energy and transport future in Australia while supporting State and Federal Government net zero by 2050 policies.

Australia is poised to become a global leader in creating a clean hydrogen industry and is in a unique political advantage, with support from Federal and State Governments.

As the nation transitions to a low-emissions energy future, striving to achieve net zero by 2050, the focus is shifting towards electric vehicles (EVs) playing a vital role in this transition. With Australia’s vastness, however, it has been recognised that employment of EV technology on its own will heavily constrain the long-haul transport, road, rail and shipping sectors. As a result, alternative technology options will need to be identified and developed.

The H2AUS Forum aims to provide a platform for all interested parties and industries to discuss the development and vast potential for a new industry in hydrogen, building on Australia’s geographical advantages, export capabilities and strong relationships with key local and international energy markets, as well as creating a platform to view and share best practice techniques from around the world.

In an open forum, government, key industry sectors, primary producers, the research and academic sector, companies, manufacturers and individuals will be able to learn, network and discuss issues facing the development of a successful transition from fossil fuels to a hydrogen and EV industry.

AIEN recognises that national leadership is critical in connecting key players and capabilities across the value chain and is striving to build partnerships with key stakeholders to frame this dialogue in developing a path for hydrogen in Australia.

With an already well established and strong network of members and collaborators, the AIEN would like to invite you to be a vital part of the forum by partnering with us as a forum sponsor.

There is a variety of opportunities available providing the ideal platform to promote your organisation and its services whilst supporting a major professional event for participants at the forefront of advancing Australia’s shift away from fossil fuels towards a greener and more sustainable future.

We look forward to welcoming and working with you as a valued partner of the 2022 H2AUS Forum in Melbourne.

The H2AUS Hydrogen Australia Forum offers a wide range of sponsorship packages that provide a cost-effective way to promote your products and services, maximise your brand awareness and reinforce your position with industry leaders and senior decision makers.

AIEN events have a track record of attracting a national and international, senior level and the H2AUS Hydrogen Australia Forum provides a unique opportunity for high-level networking and the development of serious business contacts.