The organising committee is calling for presentations addressing the key topics outlined below. Other topics may be considered at the committee’s discretion.

  • Transitioning from fossil fuels will require more than one technology and fuel options – We have heard a lot about Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) but what is the role of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (HFCEV)?
  • Hydrogen fuels: Understanding the different processes and the differences between hydrogen types (green, blue, grey etc.)?
  • How to best demonstrate the financial competitiveness of hydrogen vs other fuels (comparing hydrogen/kg with liquid fuels/litre)
  • Social license and public acceptance
  • Policy and regulations for safety, storage and transport
  • Markets and opportunities within Australia and for export
  • Technology options for Hydrogen production including feedstocks
  • Uses of Hydrogen: Heating, power generation and transport
  • Pros and cons of producing hydrogen onsite or transporting from large processing facilities
  • Transporting hydrogen both domestically and internationally
  • Injecting hydrogen into natural gas lines – the pros and cons
  • Hydrogen fuelled transport and handling equipment, long haul, taxi’s, cars mobile plant & buses – Are they being developed and when will they be commercially available in Australia?
  • Commercial readiness, refuelling and infrastructure roll-out.
  • Project updates and case studies

The committee encourages submission of other relevant topics.

The closing date for submitting summaries of your presentation is Thursday 30 September 2021


All Abstracts must be submitted online. If you are unable to submit using the online form, please contact the Forum Secretariat for further information (phone Emma McVie on 0404 517 058 or email program[at] Receipt of abstracts will be acknowledged by email within 2 working days.

The following information will be required for your submission:

  • Presenter and Co-Presenter contact details, title and organisation
  • Presenter and Co-Presenter Biographies (we recommend no more than 80 words per biography)
  • Presenter and Co-Presenter Photograph (optional)
  • Presentation Title
  • 50-word Presentation Synopsis
  • Abstract (Up to 400 words of text)


    Due to the large number of submissions received each year, a review committee will carefully consider submissions of abstracts and posters. Where possible the committee will place your presentation into a session, however it may not be possible to accommodate every submission. The review committee also reserves the right to suggest amendments to improve the suitability of presentations prior to acceptance.



    All accepted presentations will be published in the H2AUS 2022 Proceedings.



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